Wedding Album/Storybook
Digital Storybook: size A4 – 15 Page (30 side)
A beautiful A4 size digital storybook that comes in a choice of covers; leather, acrylic or photographic front cover. The storybook incorporates detail images such as your flowers, room displays and venue photos to be used as background images.
Traditional Album: size 12” x 12” – 15 Page (30 side)
A stylish Italian wedding album in a classic design displaying photographs up to size 10”x8”, a choice of black or white leather covers available.

Fine Art Digital Book: size 12” x 12” – 15 Page (30 side)
An elegant hand bound album of impeccable quality encasing your images displayed on matt-finish fine art paper. The album opens out flat with an almost invisible crease.

Extra pages are available for each style of album.

Wall Art
A range of Picture Frames, Block Mounts and Canvas options